Ace Da Brain

Ace Da Brain

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Artistname: Andreas Schmidt (Ace Da Brain, Ace's Delight, Pervading Call)

Date of birth: 16.05.1976

Origin: Germany

Andreas Schmidt was born in 1976 in a town next to Frankfurt/Main - Germany. He visited school in his home town but then moved on to international schools in Bangkok - Thailand for 4 years and New Delhi - India for 2 years. After the A-Levels graduation (Abitur) he did his statutory military service in a special forces unit. Thereafter he studied Chemistry at the University in Germany.

In 1998 he met Marcus. They shared interest for electronic music and with Ace's composer and producer abilities and Marcus' Dj-ing skills they cooperated under the pseudonym "Marc & Ace" and "Marc la Cruz & Ace da Brain"

From that time on Ace invented many project names and produced a wide range of tracks with Marcus as DJ on his side. Projects like "Airfire", "Traveller" or "Sonic Inc." were born and were very well received from many Dj's and fans all around the world.

Early 2003 the business partnership with Marc ended and also an intended more formal partnership with George Acosta. A number of composed tracks were released until that day. To mention a few: "Emotions", "The Reaper", "Oval Sun" or "Taking over Space" ...

Beginning 2003 Ace and his new company team founded and registered Music-Labels like:
"Venom-Recordings" and "AceAge-Records". In addition a Publishing Company was established, the "AceAge-Musikverlag"

With more than one hundred (100) official releases Ace influenced the Techno and Trance Sound remarkably. One will immediately notice his unmistakable and unique Ace Da Brain sound.

Under AceAge-Records his first Album - Ace's Delight - "Sublime" was produced. The Album was well received especially in Japan and the USA.

Eventhough you might only know him from the trance and techno scene he is also active in other genres of music like writing chart projects for Captain Jack & Roberto Blanco or soundtracks for movies for the film industry.

Ace is not Dj-ing. Nevertheless since 2006 he has built-up the Venom-Recordings DJ Team represented by Alex Montavo for the trance sets and Ultraform for the harder styled gigs.

In the second half of 2006 Ace teamed up with DJ Talla 2XLC. Tracks like "No Signs 2006" or "Shine" were produced with huge success and can be ordered in the online store.